5 Benefits of Baking With Kids

5 Benefits of Baking With Kids

Baking as a child was one of my favourite things to do and I have so many fond memories baking with my Grandma during the holidays and weekends, standing up at the kitchen counter on a backwards dining room chair and in her spare pinny that was miles too long.


girl standing backwards on a chair baking with grandma



There are so many reasons why baking is beneficial, here are the top 5!


1. Improves cognitive development - you child is busy reading recipes, practicing problem solving and learning about science all whilst having fun creating their bakes. 

2. Creates meaningful memories - you are spending quality time together creating something amazing and they will cherish those times. Trust me. 
3. Improves hand eye coordination - whether it is whisking, spooning mixture into a muffin case or icing a cookie, you kid is refining their fine motor skills and coordination.

4. Teaches them valuable life skills - knowing the basics of baking and cooking are only going to aid your child when they grow up and eventually move out!
5. Gives them that amazing feeling of satisfaction - I saved this one for last as for me it is the most important. You cannot make up that satisfaction, the rush of joy at seeing someone enjoy you bake. It will give your child such a confidence boost and sense of accomplishment!



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