Festive Baking Kits

Festive Baking Kits

I don't know about you but I am always on the look out for fun festive activities over the Christmas period. One of my favourite things to do at Christmas with Grandma was baking, in particular, Peppermint Creams. We used to colour them green and dip one half in chocolate before popping them in little cases and giving them to my parents as a gift at Christmas. 

I decided I wanted to bring that little bit of happiness to you! We have carefully created 2 kits for you this Christmas. The first being Peppermint Creams. You will get all the dry ingredients including chocolate, colouring and a beautiful little presentation box with mini cupcake cases. All you will need to do is add an egg whilte! They are perfect to bake to give to friends and family as gifts this Christmas or as an exciting Elf on the Shelf idea for the kids to bake over the holidays. They are totally stress-free so you can just create and enjoy. 

We popped in some of our favourite Belgium chocolate and it goes perfectly with the mint from the creams. I think the star of this box though is the gift box. You can unfold it, pop in some of the red shredded paper and nestle in your beautiful sweets. Just pop a little ribbon around the box and you have a beautifully finished gift.

Our second kit is Grandma's Christmas Cupcakes! Cupcakes are always a hit and this pack contains everything you need to be able to bake 12 chocolate cupcakes. We have also added icing sugar, green colouring, sprinkles and cake toppers to give them a festive finish.

You will just need to add butter and 2 eggs. We have designed the kit using water icing, but you can always add some extra butter and make a delicious buttercream instead. With the pre-measured ingredients, it is perfect for children to bake almost completely independently. 

What favourite bakes do you enjoy making at Christmas? 

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