What is your Favourite Christmas Traditions?

What is your Favourite Christmas Traditions?

Christmas is taken very seriously in our house! It is my favourite time of year; not because of the presents, decorations and tasty food (although that definitely helps!) it is because for us it is all about the family! Traditions have always been a big part of the season and bring our family together.

Here are some of my favourites:

1. We ALWAYS bake a Christmas Cake. When I was a kid, I always knew Christmas was on the way when I would go into the kitchen one morning in late October to the heavenly smells of the Christmas Cake fruit soaking in rum and brandy. The following day, we all took turns at stirring the mixture and making a Christmas wish before it was popped into the oven. Then there was the decorating! Oh boy this was amazing. We were given free reign to design the cake. One year strongly sticks out in my mind. We created an Igloo on top of the cake, complete with royal icing slide and a winter wonderland packed full of penguins skating, singing and sliding around! 


A large square christmas cake covered in white icing, with a large white hill with a snowman sliding down. little figures of santa and mrs claus are on the cake too

2. Christmas Eve is not complete without watching It's a Wonderful Life. It has to be the original black and white version and it never fails to make me misty eyed. In the evening, Mum would put out the Christmas sweets (Roses, salted peanuts and in later years Celebrations) and we were allowed a handful as we sat down to watch the movie together. The vegetables, stuffing and potatoes were all prepared and waiting in their little saucepans in the kitchen and the turkey was basted and covered in foil ready for Christmas morning. As kids, we always ended up falling asleep before the end of the movie but Christmas Eve never feels the same without Clarence and George Bailey. 

3. Everyone has a stocking complete with cuddly toy on top! Young or old, anyone who joins our Christmas Day has a stocking sent by Santa that is topped with a cute toy. Once Christmas, we each had one of the Seven Dwarves and found it hilarious that Father Christmas gave Grumpy to Dad!

4. Dad is in charge of present distribution - This was a tradition born from chaos. The original reason this tradition was started was to keep track of presents and who they were gifted by for thank you cards. As adults, my brother and I have each become chief present distributor for our own families. One of the benefits of this is that it extends the magic! There's something special about taking your time and the extending the excitement. 

5. In the first week of the new year, the children write their thank you cards. This is something growing up, we have always done. It can be easily over looked in this age flooded with technology and texting but a hand written thank you card in my eyes is a thoughtful thank you that will continue on in my family for many Christmas' to come. 

One of the best things about traditions is creating new ones! As I have gotten older and have a family of my own, we have been having fun creating new traditions with our children. These include Christmas baking, croissiants for Christmas Day brekkie and matching PJ's (my hubbys favourite!)


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