About Us

We are a mum/daughter team based in Swindon, Wiltshire. We developed Friarjacks using my grandmother's secret flapjack recipe and decided it was too good not to share! We love being able to honour her with our creations. 

Everything is baked fresh and with love in our 5* hygiene registered kitchen. It all started with a phone call between us both during the summer of the first lockdown. We both owned cleaning companies which had to close overnight due to the pandemic and we were chatting about alternative businesses. Laughingly, I suggested to Mum sandwiching an Aero Mint bar between our family flapjack recipe. 

It sparked something and after a couple of months of trial and error our first 8 flapjacks were born. It felt great being productive and focusing on something positive. We decided they had to be massive flapjack slices too, as another nod to my Grandma, who would never serve you a tiny slice of anything! 

Everything came together really quickly and before we knew it we had launched and were baking away. After a couple of months, we realised everyone just wanted more so sold our cleaning companies to focus on baking flapjacks full time. The rest, as they say, is history!