Galaxy Cookie Crumble and Mini Egg Mix Box


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Each box contains 2 slices of Mini Egg flapjack and 2 slices of galaxy cookie crumble.


Mini Egg - We have sandwiched the new mini egg bars between our flapjack and topped with melted chocolate and more mini eggs. Delicious and crunchy, it’s the perfect treat! 

Contains: Gluten and milk 
Best eaten within 2 weeks of receiving. Made in a kitchen where nut products are handled. 

Cookie Crumble - Our galaxy cookie crumble flapjack is galaxy's delicious cookie crumble bars sandwiched between our signature flapjack and then topped with more galaxy chocolate and finished with crumbled cookies. 

Contains Milk, soya, gluten

All our products are made in a kitchen where nuts are handled. Best eaten within 2 weeks of receiving.