Kinder Chocolate and Malteser Mixed Box


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2 slices of our Kinder chocolate flapjack and 2 slices of Malteser flapjack

Kinder - A deliciously thick layer of kinder chocolate sandwiched between our signature flapjack topped with a generous layer of Cadbury’s dairy milk and a sprinkling of kinder chunks. 

Contains Milk, Gluten, Soya


Malteser - A deliciously thick layer of Malteser spread and whole maltesers sandwiched between two layers of our signature flapjack. It is then topped with a generous layer of Dairy Milk chocolate and even more crushed Maltesers. Perfect for those Malt fans!

Contains Barley, Milk, Soya and Wheat

All of our flapjacks are made in a kitchen where other nut products are handled. Best eaten within 2 weeks of receiving.